10 lines on Cow for Children and Students in English

10 lines on Cow

Ten lines on Cow – This article will help the students who are looking for information about Cow in English. This 10 Lines is very simple and easy to remember. 

Ten lines essay on Cow
  1. The cow is worshipped in Hinduism.
  2. The cows are a social animal.
  3. They can smell from a distance of six miles.
  4. They only isolate when they are about to give birth to a calf.
  5. The cow chews 40 to 50 times with its 32 teeth.
  6. The skin of the cow protects it in winter.
  7. The cow is called the animal with emotions.
  8. The cow is a female, the male of which is a bull.
  9. The cow dung is perfect to be used as compost.
  10. The cow dung has anti-bacterial qualities.


  1. The cow is the national animal of Nepal.
  2. The cow eats grass.
  3. The cow is very straightforward.
  4. The cow is not violent like other animals.
  5. The cow gives milk, which is very beneficial for us.
  6. Ghee and sweets are made from cow’s milk.
  7. The cow is black, white and gray in color.
  8. The cow has two horns, four legs and a long tail.
  9. Most people feed cow in their homes.
  10. In Hindu religion, cow is considered as a sacred animal, people use to worship her as “Gau Mata”.

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