10 lines on Tiger

Ten lines on Tiger – This article will help the students who are looking for information about Tiger in English. This 10 Lines is very simple and easy to remember.

10 lines on Tiger
  1. The biological name of tiger is Panthera Tigris and it is the largest among cat species.
  2. Tiger is the national animal of India.
  3. Tiger is a very intelligent and powerful animal.
  4. Tiger is a carnivorous animal.
  5. Species of tiger are in a state of extinction all over the world.
  6. Tigers have exceptional hearing ability but their sense of smell is not better than that of humans.
  7. Adult tiger kills nearly 50 deer sized animals in a year and consumes up to 40 Kg meat in one time.
  8. Tigers communicate through a variety of vocalizations for long distances like roaring.
  9. Tigers mark their territories by leaving scratches on trees or spraying their urine as a warning.
  10. Unlike other cats, tigers love water and like to cool off in pools or even hunt if the situation arises.

5 Lines on Tiger

  1. Tiger is a Wild Animal.
  2. They have 4 legs, sharp claws, sharp teeth, two eyes, two ears, a long tail, a large head and a strong body.
  3. They are found in orange colour with black stripes.
  4. The tiger roars terribly, runs fast and eats meat.
  5. Female tiger is called Tigress and the baby tiger is called Cub.

Few Lines on Tiger

  1. Tigers are the biggest and strongest animal of the cat family.
  2. Tiger is a fierce wild animal with orange fur and dark stripes on its body.
  3. Tiger is the “National Animal” of countries like India and Bangladesh.
  4. Tigers have a strong body with four legs, paws with sharp nails and a tail.
  5. Female tigers are called “Tigress’ and baby tigers are called “Cubs”.
  6. Tigers prefer living alone in dense forests and woods to hide and chase animals.
  7. Tigers run very fast at around 80-85 km/hr, jump up to 7-8 feet, can climb trees and also swim.
  8. An adult Tiger weighs around 350 kgs, lives up to 26 years in the jungle and around 16-18 years in a zoo.
  9. Tigers are mainly found in Asian countries like India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and a few more.
  10. Tiger is a very popular animal known worldwide for its physical strength and courage.

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