Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Television is a wonderful and powerful invention of science and technology television is one of the best and cheap sources of entertainment in today’s modern era.

Television plays a very important role in our daily life we can find it in almost every house most of the people spent their free time watching television it keeps us updated it entertains us in many ways by showing movies songs, cereals, cartoons channels, etc.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Children also get entertained by watching cartoons stories that provide moral values and increase your knowledge and lessons the television also shows comedy shows which affect our lives in a positive manner television are the most effective way for business industries to use to take advantage of showing advertisements, television helped the family to spend a lot of time together.

If there are advantages to watching television there are a lot of disadvantages to watching television in excess can affect our eyes television also makes a lot of sounds which affect our minds many TV shows are not suitable for innocent children will not concentrate on studies if watching too much of television.

we spend most of our leisure time flipping the channels, kids get attracted to the advertisements and demand the same from their parent’s youth can become aggressive while watching crime-related shows and act in the same manner in their real-life and make violent behaviour people.

Advantages and Disadvantages of television

Television is good or bad?

we all enjoy sitting down after a day of work and watching my favourite television shows for children in particular television is one of the most popular forms of entertainment with children ages 2 to 5 only 32 hours a week watching television and 71% of children coming to TV in their room it is essential at Paris to understand the pros and cons of TV viewing and there are tips on how to ensure their child safety.

Pros of viewing television for children

Television can be really helpful for your children educational programs aim to educate on different cultures they would not usually learn about stimulative graphics and child-friendly language can barely help a child grow and develop in the early

Positive role models can influence children’s behaviour making them understand the importance of manners on stranger danger however TV can affect school performance with so much time being spent in front of the telly children spend less time reading completing homework sleeping and exercising.

Cons of viewing television for children

It has been found that TV viewing can have a long-term effect on academic achievement the more television watched during childhood the higher the chances of dropping out of school

Television can have other negative effects on child development with two-thirds of television content containing violence children are very likely to than improper things from watching reality show television unsupervised and often see adult themes and hear the explicit language.

The research found that children exposed to violent media are less willing to help in an emergency cognitive development can also be damaged in later life and motivate people if television is watched frequently before the age of three research has shown that 17% of adults do frequently watch tv during childhood or overweight today.

Further cognitive development can be affected by TV violence violent programs watch live late at night can cause unpleasant dreaming causing children to have a bond 

Despite the negatives, there are many ways you can keep on top of your child’s tv theory, creating schedules with allotted time devoted to TV can encourage and reward children to complete their homework and enjoy their hobbies watching television with your children allows you to keep track of the content they are seeing this content can also be discussed it’s flattening or violence

Today we have looked at the negative and positives of TV viewing by doing links you can be aware of the dangers as well as appreciate the positive and imply new techniques and strategies to help improve your child to a unique viewer.


Television plays an important role in our life. We need to manage consciously how and when we watch television.

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