Essay on Messages that the National War Memorial Conveys

The national war memorial is a mesmerizing place in the heart of Delhi. The National war memorial gives tribute to the glorious history of the Indian Armed forces and is a place that will ignite patriotism in us.

National War Memorial Conveys Message

Essay on Messages that the National War Memorial Conveys

The National war memorial is a well-designed place near India Gate. It honours the sacrifice of 25,942 soldiers who died in the service of the nation since independence.

The memorial was inaugurated in 2019. The national war memorial will keep reminding us and the generations to come of the pride and dedicated selfless service of our soldiers and will inspire them to pay their respect to our soldiers and be a soldier themselves.

It is one place to visit to pay respect to all our brave hearts who laid their lives for the nation. The national war memorial has an atmosphere that really makes you go out with reverence to our martyrs.

The design of the main memorial exemplifies that supreme sacrifice made by a soldier in the line of duty not only makes him immortal but also depicts that the spirit of a soldier remains eternal.

The names of every soldier along with their regiment and other details are inscribed in small bricks all around the memorial.

The national war memorial consists of four concentric circles. They are the Amar Chakra or the Circle of immortality, the Veerta Chakra or the circle of Valor, the Tyag Chakra or the circle of sacrifice, and Rakshak Chakra or the circle of protection.

Amar Chakra has an Obelisk with an eternal flame. The flame symbolizes the immortality of the spirit of fallen soldiers with the assurance that the Nation will never forget their sacrifices.

Veerta Chakra depicts the bravery of the Indian defence forces in the form of a covered gallery that exhibits six murals crafted in bronze depicting battles that were faced by the Indian Armed forces.

Tyag Chakra is a concentric wall of honour. It symbolizes the ancient war formation of Chakravyuh.

Rakshak Chakra is the outermost circle made of rows of trees. Its reassurance to the citizens of the country about their safety against any threat. Each tree represents the soldier.

The National war memorial is a place where soldiers of India are reborn. There are 3 emotions in the design protection, sacrifice, and bravery.

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