Essay On Holi Festival

Holi is the festival of colours which is celebrated not only in India but all across the world.

It is also a festival of unity as it brings people together to celebrate a festival regardless of caste, ethnicity or religion.

Holi is celebrated for two days in India on the full moon day in March. People celebrate “Holika Dahan” on the first day by gathering around and burning piles of wood and cow dung, and singing bhajans related to Holi.

In some places in India, Holi is celebrated for five days as well. Holi is a national Holiday and all educational institutions and offices are closed on this day.

There is a mythological story associated with the celebration of Holi. It is said that a cruel king named Hiranyakashipu was blessed by Brahma that no human or animal could kill him on the ground at home or outside.

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