Essay on my favourite game Ludo

My favourite game is Ludo. Ludo is a very popular game. It is an indoor game. It is a very cheap and easy game. This game develops our brain. It can be easily played at home. It consists of a Ludo Board, 16 tokens and dice.

At least two and a maximum of four people can play this game. Four houses of blue, yellow, red and green are made in Ludo. This game is played using tokens and dice. 

The maximum number of dice is 6 and the minimum is 1. There are four tokens in four houses. To play this game, the dice have to be thrown by the box. If someone's token is cut, then it goes back to the house again.

The player who first gets all his tokens to the finish point that wins. It is an interesting and fun indoor game. Everyone likes Ludo very much. 

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