If there were no trees essay

Hard to breathe. There will probably still be a lot of oxygen in the air since most of our planet's atmospheric oxygen comes from algae in the oceans. So let's assume that mammals can still breathe.

Wood does not exist. This means that the fire can only be so big. Forest fires will never be bigger or hotter than grass fires, so many plants and animals that depend on forest fires to determine their life cycles will have to grow differently.

Actually, I lied a little. There will still be some wood around because bushes are not trees. Maple "tree", boxwood "tree", dogwood "tree", crape myrtle "tree", etc. are actually shrubs. So, humanity would still have access to some wood for construction.

However, the U tree will not exist. Therefore, we can never invent the bow and arrow.

Back in the day, people used to make ship masts out of single trees. They'll find a nice tall straight pine tree or mahogany tree or whatever, cut the branches down, and there's your mast. Maples do not grow straight to make good ship masts.

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