Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Targeted

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva is set to be the most talked-about fight. Jake Paul's next fight is set for October and will be on Showtime PPV.  

It is said to be against a former UFC fighter and champion. Jake Paul will fight Anderson Silva, says Keemstar, who writes about YouTube and social media news and drama and is close to the Pauls. 

The event is planned for October 29 and will be the main attraction of a Showtime pay-per-view. Paul also said on social media that he was coming back in October and that the contract had been signed. 

He also said he was excited about the fight, even though his team told him he would be the underdog. "We will tell you who Jake Paul's next opponent is next week. 

Almost certainly, @jakepaul will be the underdog. He knows that, and that's what he wants. "   "I just got the call.This week, a huge opponent will be revealed. October, "wrote Paul on Twitter. "  

"I just got the call.This week, a huge opponent will be revealed. October, "wrote Paul on Twitter. "   Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva is a fight that both men have talked about and that  

many fans have been looking forward to. Paul has talked about growing up and watching Silva and wanting to fight the legend. Dana White even instructed the YouTuber to box  

"The Spider" after the Brazilian was released from his UFC contract. "Yes, definitely. I would love to fight that. I think that he was the first famous person I ever saw.  

My dad was a huge fan of MMA when it first became popular, so we went to a local event where Anderson Silva was fighting. "They must have paid him to come,  

because it was in Ohio and I don't know why he would have been there," Paul said on The MMA Hour in January, talking about boxing Silva. But I did ask him to sign something for me, and we took a picture with him. 

who was one of my first heroes. " Jake Paul (5-0) just beat Tyron Woodley by knockout (KO) in December. 

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