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Essay on ecosystem restoration in English

People have always had a negative impact on the environment. The dependency on the environment has caused us to exploit it as natural resources.

Ecosystem restoration means assisting in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems which are still intact.

Benefits of Ecosystem Restoration


Healthier ecosystems, with richer biodiversity, yield greater benefits such as more fertile lands, increase the populations of rare and endangered species, increase the availability of environmental goods and services, and contribute to the improvement of humanity. Ecosystem Restoration could also remove 13 to 26 gigatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

How Restoration can occur?

Restoration can happen in many ways. For example through actively planting or by eliminating pressures so that nature can recover by itself. It’s not always possible or desirable to return an ecosystem to its original condition. For instance- We still need to have farmland and infrastructure on land that was once forest and ecosystems like societies, need to adapt to a changing climate.

Which kind of ecosystems can be restored?

All sorts of ecosystems can be restored, such as forests, farmlands, cities, wetlands and oceans. Restoration initiatives could be launched by nearly anyone, from governments and development agencies to companies, communities and individuals. That is because the causes of degradation are many and diverse, and can have an impact at different scales.


Restoring ecosystems large and small protects and improves the livelihoods of people who rely on them. Additionally, it helps to regulate disease and lower the risk of natural disasters. In fact, restoration can help us achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals.

Short essay on ecosystem restoration

Introduction: In the environment in which we live, all human beings, living things, animals, biological and material things affect each other directly and indirectly and are dependent on each other for some of the other supply. For example:- We humans, trees, plants, animals, forests, mountains, rivers, sea, wind, rain, sun, moon, etc. All these living together is called Ecosystem.

Why is it necessary to restore the ecosystem?: Now our ecosystem and environment are not the same as before. Due to the exploitation of the environment by us, the balance of biological and physical systems has deteriorated. Such as indiscriminate deforestation, hunting of wild animals, pollution of air and water due to industrial development, an increase of global warming due to use of harmful equipment, and many other reasons are included. We have to make it the same again, otherwise, we will not be able to survive in such a growing imbalance. Many national and international projects are being run for its conservation.

Humans are responsible for the imbalance in the environment: In today’s era, the way we are moving in the direction of development, on the contrary, we are causing equal damage to our environment. The natural resources in our environment are limited, if we continue to exploit it like this, then the day is not far when we will not even get clean air to breathe. The use of AC, refrigerators in our homes emits carbon dioxide, which affects our environment. There are many other man-made factors that affect our environment.

Conclusion: Our earth is a biodiversity planet, where different types of animals, wildlife and plant species are present. And all these animals and plants together form an ecosystem. In which all are dependent on each other and are useful to each other. By conserving all these things, we can keep the earth safe for all.

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