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New Year Essay


The New Year of Western Civilization was celebrated in Babylon since 4000 years ago, but at that time, the New Year was held on 21 March.

But at present, New Year is celebrated on 1 January every year since the arrival of the Julian calendar. There are 365 days in every year, on completion of which the New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Presently, due to the influence of western civilization all over the world, everyone celebrates January 1 as New Year.

New Year Programs

Most of the countries celebrate New Year on the 1st of January, and people enjoy this day by singing and dancing. Children take pleasure in celebrating this day by receiving beautiful gifts and clothes.

Colorful programs are organized on the occasion of the New Year. In western countries, people gather to welcome the New Year from the day of Christmas itself.

On this occasion, there is a state holiday of about five days in which everyone celebrates Christmas and New Year with enthusiasm.

On this day, big parties are organized by rich people in hotels, in which tasty dishes, beverages, and music are arranged, all people dance, sing and welcome the New Year with grand cortege.

In-school programs like singing, dancing, debate, rangoli, sports, etc. are held on the auspicious occasion of New Year, and the children also sing special prayers.

New Year Celebration in India

In India, everyone celebrates New Year on different days according to their religion. Still, due to the influence of Western civilization, most people now organize New Year on 1 January as well.

The Telugu New Year falls between March and April, celebrating it as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, the first day of Chaitra month.
Muharram is the new year of the Islamic calendar.

In India, many colorful programs are organized on the auspicious occasion of the New Year.

On this day, everyone gives congratulatory messages to their friends and relatives.

Kavi Sammelan, Bhajan Sandhya, Kalash Yatra, etc. are also organized at some places on the occasion of the New Year.

Some people donate blood to start the first day of their year with a noble work like, feeding cows in the cowshed and help the needed ones.

Importance of New Year

For every country and every person, New Year has great significance. New Year inspires us to do new work; it gives us the energy to lead a life with renewed enthusiasm and joy.

In the New Year, we learn from the mistakes made in the previous year and then make a new resolution or oath and start to complete the work with full energy, which leads to our success.

It is like a festival which brings new energy in us, due to which the importance of New Year in our life increases.


New Year is a historic day, which should tell an important day in our life, now learn from the mistakes of the previous year, and move forward with a new resolution.

It gives new dimensions to our life. We should welcome the New Year every year with new energy and enthusiasm so that our life becomes even better.

Short Essay on New Year

There are 10 months and 304 days in the early Roman Calendar and with every new year during the spring equinox; consistent with tradition, it had been created by Romulus, the founder of Rome, in the eighth century B.C. Later during the 1713 B.C., Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, added the months of Januarius and Februarius in the Roman Calendar. 

Over the centuries, the calendar was not in proper synchronisation with the sun. Then in 46 B.C. the emperor Caesar decided to unravel the matter by consulting with the foremost prominent astronomers and mathematicians of his time.The Julian calendar was introduced by Caesar which was quite similar to the modern Gregorian calendar that is used till date by the majority of countries around the world.

Caesar instituted January 1 to be the first day of the year, partly to honour the month’s namesake: Janus, the Roman god of beginnings (whose two faces allowed him to seem back to the past and forward into the longer term which was a part of his reforms). The Romans exchanged gifts amongst each other and also offered sacrifices to God Janus to celebrate the New Year. They also attended loud parties and decorated their homes with laurel branches.

New Year’s Traditions 

Many countries celebrate New Year from the evening of December 31 (also known as the New Year’s Eve) till the early hours of 1st January and often enjoy several meals and snacks to bestow good luck for the coming year. Grapes are known as a symbol of hopes for the upcoming months and thus are used by the people in Spain and a number of other Spanish-speaking countries.

Legumes has been a traditional dish for New Year in many countries and places as it is believed to resemble coins and future financial success such as lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the southern United States. Also in some countries like Austria, Hungary, Cuba and Portugal, pork is used as a common New Year dish and it is believed that pigs represent progress and prosperity.

In many places like Sweden and Norway, rice pudding is served during the New Year’s Eve with an almond hidden inside it. It is believed that one who finds the almond is bestowed with 12 months of good fortune. Whereas, in Netherlands, Greece, Mexico et al., ring-shaped cakes as well as pastries are served during the New Year. It signifies that the year has now come to a full circle.

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