Water our reason to smile essay

Water our reason to smile essay – Let Begin with the Essay

Water our reason to smile essay

Wates is abundant on the earth. This is one of the main reasons that make life possible on our planet. Water is a precious commodity for all living beings on earth. One can not even think of living without water. It is the Reason for our Smile.

We need water for almost everything. We need water for washing, cleaning, drinking and water has so many health benefits.

Water is the greatest gift to mankind and everyone should get involved in protecting this lifeline. without water, we cannot carry out our daily activities.

It is equally necessary whether we are thinking about brushing up early in the morning or preparing our meals.

We depend very strongly on this transparent chemical in this domestic use of water.

Wates is necessary not only for Our Survival but also for a Healthy and Happy Life. Everyone has seen the Situation of water-deprived Countries like Africa. Where people lead miserable lives. All have to, to the Urgent need for water Conservation.

Wates is Life and
Clean Water is Health

Water our reason to smile 200 Words Essay

In Other Words, the human race would not last without a world without water for all Animals and Plants, the Same is Square. Evidently, without water, the entire planet would perish. First of all, soon, the vegetation will diminish.

All the greenery will die when the earth does not get water, and become a desolate land. The emergency of different seasons soon will stop. In one great endless Summer, The earth will be caught. Besides aquatic life will become extinct.

Finally, Umecessary water use must be stopped immediately, if we do not work together towards the conservation of water this planet as we know it will meet its ultimate demise sooner than we think. Therefore, we can say that water is essential in our lives.

Water is the only Source and the base of all human Progress in all fields in this world.

Every one of us should realize the Importance of Water and it is our responsibility to use simple methods to preserve the water.

Water is precious
Wates is Life
Without Water,
no life can survive!


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