Junk Food vs Healthy Food Essay

This junk food is made with the intention of being appealing On enjoyable so that you have more. Junk Foods are not suitable for health when consumed at a high level is not good for our body and hurts our health.

Whenever we are hungry or feel dull, weak we eat this but this does not give as much energy the body is needed. Even while outings or on some occasions, we prefer more fast food than traditional food. Not only this there are many reasons to have this food which is not good.

There are many adverse effects of this junk food as it contains high-level cholesterol, fats, sugars etc. which gets deposited in our bodies thus causing obesity.

It also leads to depression, in teenagers and it can also damage the brain. Many other diseases like heart problems, Diabetes can take place.

Teaching the children about healthy eating is vital so they have a good relationship with food. Children who overeat the wrong types of foods are at the highest risk of these health conditions.

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