Essay About Trip With Family

Summer vacation is my favourite time of the year, as it gives me a chance to relax and explore new things.

This summer, I visited my native village which is quite a distance from the city. It is a five-hour journey by train.

Essay About Trip With Your Family

My grandparents stay there and my grandfather takes the core of the fields and produce a variety of crops.

My cousins visited our grandparents too during their summer vacation, Our grandmother prepared delicious and mouth-watering dishes for us and we relished every bite of the food.

I spent most of the time, visiting fields with my grandmother father and learning from him about crops and the seasons they are produced in.

I also played a lot with my village friends. It was routine every night to listen to a story from my grandmother and sink to sleep.

I had a wonderful time spending some priceless moments with my grandparents,

Í feels blessed to have such a ‘coring and loving family, with whom I enjoyed my summer vacation thoroughly.

Short Essay About Trip With Family

A picnic with family is one of the most relaxing getaways to enjoy weekends or vacations. Be it in a park or a garden, a riverside or a dam.

On 1st January last we went for a picnic. Kalyani Picnic Garden was our picnic spot. It was a beautiful place for enjoying a picnic.

I went there with my parents, sister, brother and other members of our family. We were also accompanied by some of our neighbours.

We started our journey early in the morning. We went there by car. It took one and half an hour to reach there.

It was a distance of 60 km from our home to our picnic spot. It was a beautiful spot beside the Ganges. Many picnic parties went there.

We spent the time joyfully. We visited different kinds of trees flowers and grasses. It was an amazing place to explore.

We played Cricket, Badminton. Some lay idle and listened to music. We also ate a lot. In the evening we enjoyed boating on the river. We also enjoyed the glorious sunset. Then we returned home with a very happy mind.

Essay About Trip With Family ( 1100 Words) 

Going on a trip travelling and hanging out with our family and friends is always an extremely good thing it is always a pleasant experience that you get the chance to mix up with your dear friends in a deeper way despite 

The fact that I have a great deal of time to spend with my friends in school it is likewise ideal to spend time with other different spots like shopping malls beaches hills or even at their homes or any suitable place for gathering.

Whenever we go out for hanging out we spend some pleasant time together sometimes we like to watch movies in the cinema or play video games it is a great source of amusement entertainment one gets from being among friends is always unforgettable personally 

I think that going with your friends is the most ideal approach to travel regardless of whether this implies hiking around the country for a year or simply taking an end of the week outing to another city I forcefully suggest the experience 

but sometimes it is also very risky to be with friends in some place which is not in the knowledge of your parents I have had a very interesting experience 

last year in march 2019 I went with my five friends to Alcor beach to enjoy some moments of life there it was the first time 

when I took a short one-day trip only with my friends since my childhood my family has always taken me on trips on weekends this time I took a decision to spend some time with my friends on the beach and cooking for ourselves this seemed something 

Specious to my parents but I insisted and my parents gave permission half-heartedly but they knew that adult children should learn to see the world outside their home with their own eyes 

Anyhow I got permission we bought different essential foodstuff from the market and set out on a short journey after reaching there we found peacefulness and serenity all around us on the beach this part of our trip was the time of quiescence no rush and noise was there it was the 12:30 pm and a good time for lunch 

We made everything ready for cooking we spent almost one and a half an hour preparing food which we really enjoyed after half an hour’s rest and chatting with one another 

We got ready for having a walk on the beach there were hundreds of people who had come to enjoy themselves in pleasant breeze some people there have thrown the wrappers and empty cans in this way they fringed the law of keeping the beaches clean 

after two hours we had a mood to drink tea but unfortunately, we had not brought the things needed for fulfilling this wish then we made a unanimous decision to go to near to a nearby restaurant but one of the friends had strong opposition to go anywhere 

Anyhow he accepted the fact that the majority is the authority we convinced him not to show any dislike and got ready to go on the way to the restaurant we saw a man with one leg he was looking at us with questioning eyes

But we didn’t want to be officious to ask for any reason why he was staring at us one of my friends asked him in a sympathetic tone as to why he had one leg on our insistence he told us the whole story about his past life that he met an accident in which he lost one of his legs 

He expressed his views ostensibly in an innocent way but whenever we asked him about the fault whether it was his or the other parties then he told the truth that he had committed a crime due to which 

He was followed by the law enforcing agency he was telling his story in a very interesting way in the struggle his car overturned and he got severely injured and lost one of his legs after being treated 

he was taken to prison to face the punishment of his crime he was feeling the guilt and prick of conscience in court trial he was absolved of his crime 

when he paid the heavy fine and spent six months in jail now he is free but he is crippled and an indigent man when we were listening to him we didn’t know about the time it took one hour 

when he was narrating his true story we had a sad and sympathetic feeling for him we left him and headed for the restaurant again we reached there chose a table seated ourselves and ordered tea 

we enjoyed the tea and stayed until four o’clock although we were tired we didn’t express any tiredness because such moments of free life don’t come again and again because of other educational responsibilities 

we had a lot of chat and that was the beauty of our trip by having a trip with my friends I had different feelings about everything though 

I have experienced it before but what’s different was that I could share these feelings with my friends with different people you have different feelings and this is also why the trip with friends can be so interesting and fascinating to me we had been looking forward to enjoying the last hour of our trip more and more 

so we didn’t want to waste any time at all one of our friends suggested having a bath in the sea that was amazing for half an hour we bathed her and then came out of the seawater

Now we were extremely hungry and were going mad with hunger we made another decision at this crucial time to have dinner at a Turkish restaurant 

so as to double the pleasure of our trip we reached there in 15 minutes we gave the order for food according to our own personal choice we had to wait for 20 minutes before the waiters came with full trays real enjoyment that was wonderful the food was so much delicious that we couldn’t control ourselves from overeating 

I will never forget this trip of mine with my dearest friends after having a rich dinner we had to return to our homes 

I highly recommend that all of my other friends should have the same kind of taste and experience in life we learn many things not from books but from practical experience 

I will never forget this trip in my whole life now I plan to go away on holiday this summer with my best friends on another trip and I’m sure it will be a great trip.

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