Essay on if there were no exams

Exams are very important. Many students are studying because of exams. 

Through the exam students can know their knowledge. It evaluates the skills of the student and enables them to clear their nerves. 

Essay on if there were no exams in English


Essay on if there were no exams

It is an effective way of measuring knowledge. And it also helps measure how much they have learned. 
Actually it encourages competition among the students. It helps in developing one’s personality and confidence. 

And exams play a major role in imparting essential qualities in life like hard work, patience, creativity and leadership. 

It enables them to overcome their weakness to be successful in life. So the exam should be compulsory. 
It judges us by how much we have understood and how capable we are. It also helps in increasing the memory power of the person. 

It allows students to express their understanding. It not only helps in polishing writing skills but also helps one to improve their analytical skills and expand their perspective on the world. 

Hence an exam should be a tool to improve one’s career. It helps us to think for ourselves. That’s why it is necessary to take their exam.

 Essay on if there were no exams (100 Words)

“Exam” is the most dangerous word in one’s life. The immediate thought that comes to mind is to work hard and slog. It is a universal belief that all students have to put up books, light candles at both ends.
Sometimes one wants the exam not to take place so as not to have stressful moments. This is a very difficult time that everyone has to go through. There are some intelligent students who are not perfect but most have unpleasant memories.

What would have been the result if there was no test? Students will be thrilled, the fear of exams, the burden of hard work and sleepless nights will go away.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons. The evaluation of the student and the effort put in by each individual will never be realized. Students take things lightly without bothering to put in regular hours of study. 

There will be no grade. In fact, these grades which are awarded to the students always encourage them and they try to improve their performance. 

Every average student feels that he should achieve something and achieve achievement. 

On the other hand, the student himself may be tempted to work hard, knowing that he does not need to compete, to meet anyone’s standard.

Without exams, there will definitely be indiscipline, as students can take it easy, not be attentive in class, give rise to unruly behaviour and even lead to illiteracy. 

Students and parents will take advantage of such arrangements. Looking back, it seems that the exam is very important, but it should test every ability of the student.

No test can generate neither curiosity, nor quest for knowledge, nor satisfaction in learning nor the spirit of competition.

Essay on if there were no exams (200 Words)

What a wonderful and pleasant world it would be if examinations were eradicated from our education system forever.

The word exam always brings up fear, tension, discomfort and cold sweat. It makes us tremble and tremble. But we still face the test with great determination and come out with flying colours.

If the exam was abolished I would be in pure ecstasy. For me, maths is a subject that gives me sleepless nights and geography has always inspired me across the globe.

English present, past and future have always confused me and chemistry equations proved me wrong. Diagrams in biology are the only pain in my neck and various writers in Marathi and Hindi have driven me crazy.

Don’t ask me about emperors and warriors in history because they usually make their appearances in my dreams—and give me nothing but panic. I hope the day comes soon when we all have a piece.

Many times it seems that examinations in schools and colleges have little relevance in our practical life.

The degree one possesses has no value except if it is hung on the wall for years. Everywhere in India, lakhs of students are trained and trained to face various competitive exams.

During exam time we read many instances of cheating, many of which were caught red-handed, but what about the various students who have remained scot-free?

Such students not only come out with flying colours but also get a better job than the hardworking students who deserve it.

But if there was no exam then our brain would have stopped working partially and it would not be used for any work like reading, writing, solving questions. In the future, we will be called nothing but frivolous fools.

To save us from such downfall, there must be some degree of trials, but such trials should produce a man of high morale and dignity, not a slave to trials.

Essay on if there were no exams (500 Words)

The examination is a tool to assess the potential of the students in a certain class and promote them to the higher class. Although students are mortally afraid of exams – they create fear about exams.

The entire career of the students depends on the examination. A student can be a good student but due to some circumstances like first health or lack of time for exam preparation, he may not be able to farewell, then student’s career is at stake.

Students breathe a sigh of relief when the exam is over, they feel that they have gone through a tough exam.

One cannot truly judge a student’s ability through a short test. Scientists like Albert Einstein also failed in their examinations but later on became successful people.

The evaluation on the part of the teacher is also not flawless. Many teachers who are not competent are given the task of evaluation. Their lack of knowledge can create problems for the students.

Sometimes question papers get leaked or some students are shown too much bias. The examination takes away the genuine interest of the student in studies and cramming is given importance. Hence the exam is a game of chance and guessing.

However, examinations are a necessary evil as they are the only tool to evaluate a student to give him the necessary promotion for further studies.

In the absence of exams, all educational activities will slow down, there will be no reliable system of testing and evaluation and there will be an all-around fall in educational efforts and standards.

Most of the students would not bother to study if there were no exams. Promising and honest students get lost among lazy people. We will never be able to separate the meritorious students from the retarded.

We have to address the problems and create an examination system that is fair and welcoming to the students, that encourages them to take evaluation and an education system that is honest.

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