Short Essay on My Aim in Life

Everybody must have an aim in life. A man without an aim in life is like a boat without an oar. Now I am a student of class XII.

But I have already fixed my aim in life. I want to be a good teacher. Why a teacher ? Well, I think it is the noblest profession in the world.

Essay on My Aim in Life

A good teacher is a real maken of a nation. R.G. Ingersoll said,” One good school master is worth a thousand priests.”

Today’s children will be tomorrow’s ideal citizen being influenced by good teachers. I want to take part in the process of nation building in this way.

Besides, through this noble profession I want to keep in touch with knowledge and youth to the end of my life. Now I am preparing myself well to be a good teacher.

Essay on My Aim in Life in English

My aim in life is to become a doctor. It is a noble profession. A doctor serves humanity. Only a doctor can understand the disease and treat it.

A doctor always tries to keep his patients comfortable and relaxed. It is my dream to do some thing good for the people around me.

By becoming a doctor I will be able to help other people by curing their diseases. I shall consider it my duty to help the needy people.

If I become a doctor then the treatment will be free for the poor people. A doctor is equipped with comprehensive knowledge and devices that enables him to diagnose and treat his patients with correct procedure.

He prescribes medicines to alleviate our suffering. Only a doctor has knowledge of medicines. One cannot take a medicine/tablet without consulting a doctor.

I know that becoming a doctor is not an easy task. But I have confidence in myself. I shall try my best to achieve my goal.

My Aim in Life Essay for Students and Children in English


Different people find happiness in different things. So they choose different aims in their life. Someone wants to become a teacher, someone an engineer, someone a doctor and the list goes on.

My aim in life is to become a doctor and dedicate myself in giving people someone in life is to be giving people world a better life.

Even in the modern world our hospitals do not have enough doctor and many people die due to lack of good treatment. A good doctor can save many lives and bring happiness to the family.

Having an aim in life is very necessary because without it our life become directionless and we never get the ultimate success.

Choosing one’s aim is not a very easy take because we are all made for different purposes.


Becoming a doctor is of course my aim in life and I work very hard to achive it. Someday it I could become a doctor I would do my duties very well. But I will never forget the duty of taking care of my old parents.

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