Essay on Why I Want To Become an IPS Officer

Essay on Why I Want To Become an IPS Officer

Different people have different ambitions in life. Some wish to become teachers or journalists. One must have an ambition in life. Life without ambition is dull.

My ambition in life is to join the IPS and become one of the best police officers in the country. kiran Bedi is my idol. Her life and service are my inspiration.

Like her, I will work hard to fulfil my dream I wish to become an honest, hardworking, compassionate and law-abiding police officer. Besides good education, I will also try to excel in sports and other activities. I know I will fulfil my dream.

Short Essay on Why I Want To Become an IPS Officer

It is said that in order to realize your dream you need to wake up it is very important to have a goal in your life.

As it will correct your way and not only realize your dream but it will also inspire others and friends without dreams, I cannot achieve my goal and I cannot achieve it.

After becoming an IPS official I would like to serve my country with the same devotion.

As I will be able to solve my country’s problems and improve the country better and more.

I would like to solve domestic crime problems but I hope the public is immune to any external factors.

My family always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, So when I grow up I would like to achieve good results in intense examinations. 

But I cannot do anything unless I work hard so I would like to work hard to pursue my dreams if my dreams succeed I would like to present examples for everyone

There is nothing impossible I am not a highly ambitious man I do not want to be a multi-millionaire.

The profession of being an IPS has been very attractive to me this has been my childhood dream the sole aim of my life is to serve society to become a good citizen.

To me protecting society from terrorists appears to be the best way to serve society, I belong to the middle class of society naturally, I have to face several difficulties in my life.

I would particularly be sensitive to the needs of the vehicle sections of the society  I would work hard to bring change to their lives 

I will always be available to attend to their queries whatever arise, I will arrange extra classes for women to teach how to protect themselves from enemy

I am fully aware that I will have to face lots of hardships I will try to inculcate in them good moral values in the mind of the new generation so that they can become a good citizen in the society 

So that India have good citizens to take it on the path of progress and possibility in which everyone has a dignified life full of equality and opportunities, dream big stay positive work hard and enjoy the journey

10 Lines on IPS Officer 

  1. Indian police service is called IPS.  
  2. Along with the Indian administrative service (IAS) and the Indian forest service(IFS), the IPS is one of all India services. 
  3. IPS officers are recruited from civil services examination conducted by UPSC.
  4. They have also been promoted from the state police services.
  5. The standard uniform colour of an IPS officer is khaki.
  6. The ranks posts and designations of IPS offices vary from state to state.
  7. ASP rank is the junior-most rank of an IPS 
  8. A woman can also become an IPS officer.
  9. In 1972 Kiran Bedi became the first woman Indian Police Service Officer. 
  10. To be eligible for becoming an IPS officer the candidate must possess a degree from an Indian university or an equivalent qualification.

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