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World Food Problems continues to be one of the most serious problems in our world. There is increased food production every year. But the high growth rate of population is creating shortages in food grain supply.

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world food problems

The food consumed by most of the people is not a balanced diet. As a result, health and energy of the people is badly affected. The world food problems badly affected the world by the development of countries and health of the people. Our agriculture is depending on rainfall.

So, the production is uncertain. The government is supplying cheap credit to the farmers to increase the production of food grains. It is also distributing the food stuffs through fair price shops and co-operatives. It has also constructed large godowns to stack the food.

95% of Developing countries and 30 Crores of people in are also facing food problems.

world food problem

The Food Problems are of Three Kinds

Under Nourishment

  • Under Nourishment is the lack of sufficient calories in available food so that one has little or no ability to move work.
  • Human body needs 2500 calorie minimum per day.

Effects of Under Nourishment

  • Body become weak
  • Less energy in body for doing any kind of work
  • Disease due to lack of energy
  • Adult may look like a old man

Mal Nourishment

  • Mal Nourishment is the lack of health ingredients such as proteins, vitamins or essential chemical elements in diet.
  • Long term and insidious or dangerous.
  • People may not die and can suffer permanent brain damage, anemia, goiter etc.

Over Nutrition

  • Over Nutrition in which the diet intake in calories is too much.
  • Excess calories.
  • It contributes over weight, high blood pressure, heart attack and cardio vascular problems.

Balanced Diet

A diet in which various food stuffs are mixed in suitable proportions is called a balanced diet.

Let us consider this as serious World Food problems and not waste food.

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