My Family Essay in English 10 Lines

The 100 Words my family essay which is very helpful for school students. This will also help students in completing their project on my family, and they will also find the 10 lines on my family below the essay.

Essay on My Family in English


My Family Essay in English 10 Lines | Essay on My Family

My Family Essay: Family is a group of specific people who are related to each other and living together. A family can be Joint Family or Small Family. This depends upon the number of members living together in a family. Joint family is a group of family members which includes Grand Parents, Parents, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Brother and Sister etc. This is also called big Family. Small family includes Parents and their children. Generally in small family there are four member. They live together happily.

Now lets write my family essay 10 lines.

My Family Essay in English 10 lines

  1. I have a wonderful joint family and I love all my family members.
  2. There are ten members in my family which includes grand parents, parents, uncle, aunt, two cousin, me and my sister.
  3. My father and uncle are working in a multinational company and my mother and aunt are house wife.
  4. My grand parents are old and they live at home and they tell me interesting story daily.
  5. We also have a pet dog who follow our command obediently.
  6. We go for a leisure trip once in a month with all my family members.
  7. My family teaches us moral values and inspires us to believe in hard work.
  8. All my family members love and respect each other.
  9. We spend time with each other daily after dinner and enjoy.
  10. I pray to God earnestly to keep my family safe from all evils and protect my family from misfortune.

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In this 10 lines on my family essay we have covered the important points that should be covered in essay on my family. This essay about family depict a clear meaning of a family which is place of love, respect, caring, sharing, unison etc.

my family

About My Family Essay

A society is formed by a family and a society is a country.  So the family has been given an important place in the society of our Indian culture.  The family is a focal point of society.

We learn everything by living in a human family.  When you hear the word family, you see the picture of a loving mother, a loving father, a loving sister, a grandmother telling a story, and a grandfather playing with you.

What is a family

A family is a family that lives together and cares for each other.  You get to see different types of families.

My family

Family is very important in any person’s life.  The family takes care of her and motivates her to move on.  A person’s life is a huge contribution to his family.

The family also teaches the children.  Whose family is small and whose family is big.  Someone’s house has fewer people, while someone’s house has more people.  Likewise, my family is small.

In my family, I live with my parents, grandparents, brothers, and younger sisters.  Everyone in my house obeys my grandfather’s word.  Everyone behaves as they say.

My grandfather always taught us the importance of discipline, cleanliness, value, and hard work.  My grandmother is also very good.  She tells us good things while we sleep at night.

Love of discipline

My father loves discipline.  They carry out any task honestly and with hard work.  They always tell us that we should always use our time wisely.

If you waste time, the time that has passed will never come back.  So we should always use our time wisely.

Mother’s duty

My mother is a housewife.  She always takes care of everyone in the family.  It also helps the poor and needy.

She teaches us to always respect big men and help people in trouble.

The youngest and dearest person in our family is my younger sister.  She is the darling of everyone and me too.


There are so many problems in our lives.  We can solve them with the help of each other.

If anyone in my family has a problem or difficulty, everyone stands behind each other.  If a person falls ill, everyone in the house takes care of him.  Arguments in my family are rare, and they do not go away.

All the men in my family take good care of each other.  Also in my family, all the festivals are celebrated according to the rituals and together.


A family makes an emotionally and physically strong honest and confident person a good person.  My family is small but I love my family very much.  I love my family so much.

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