10 Lines About Online Classes

Ten Lines about Online Classes – This article will help the students who are looking for information about Online Classes in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember.

10 Lines About Online Classes
  1. Online class is becoming very popular in today’s time.
  2. It is very beneficial for many students around the world.
  3. Online classes should never be a stoppage.
  4. It is not difficult for students to study online.
  5. This online education is available cheaply.
  6. There are many websites to study online.
  7. It is the medium of additional education for many students.
  8. It is perfect for students who want to pursue a second degree.
  9. Online class is beneficial for additional education.
  10. This education has proved to be very beneficial for people in many ways.

Few Lines About Online Classes


  1. An Online class is a course conducted over the Internet.
  2. Online Classes are very important for students nowadays.
  3. Online classes are the purpose of education.
  4. Online classes save the time of students.
  5. We take online classes with the help of applications like Google Meet, Zoom etc.
  6. We will study from smartphones, laptops, computers etc.
  7. Schedule of online classes was fixed.
  8. We take online classes from anywhere and at any time.
  9. Online classes are helpful for students nowadays.
  10. I like online classes.

10 Lines on Online Classes in English

  1. Online education is also known as e-learning or electronic learning.
  2. The interaction in online learning is one-to-many.
  3. Online learning is not possible in the bad network area.
  4. Students need to generate self-motivation and concentration in online education. 
  5. Online learning can include audios, videos, texts or animations.
  6. There has been rapid growth in online education from 1.6M users in 2016 to 9.6M users in 2021.
  7. Online education is open for people of all age groups.
  8. Online education also offers various online courses as well as degrees.
  9. Online education is cheaper yet more comfortable way of learning.
  10. However, Online education does not provide you the physical environment as that in traditional education system.

Some Lines About Online Classes

  1. my school has started with online learning 
  2. The school has come to my home 
  3. Our classes begin on the screens of mobiles and laptops 
  4. I don’t need to carry a heavy bag water bottle or tiffin to school 
  5. I can see my friends in small little windows on the screen 
  6. Internet connectivity and speed sometimes causes problems 
  7. Teachers come online and teach us virtually 
  8. student-teacher bonding is lost somewhere 
  9. Our eyes are fixed on the small screen and our doubts are muted 
  10. I am missing the four walls of the classroom the benches the desk and my lovely friends 


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