10 Lines On Holi Festival

10 Lines on Holi Festival – This article will help the students who are looking for information about Holi Festival. This 10 Lines is very simple and easy to remember.

10 Lines on Holi Festival
  1. Holi is a festival of colours.
  2. It is celebrated in the month of March every year.
  3. This auspicious festival is celebrated during the spring season with great joy and fervour.
  4. People wear white coloured clothes on the day of Holi.
  5. They play with bright organic colours like red, green, yellow, orange, magenta, purple, etc.
  6. Various kinds of sweets such as Gujiyas and Malpuas are prepared to mark the occasion of Holi.
  7. Children love playing with colours using pichkaris, buckets and balloons, filled with coloured water.
  8. Holi celebrations begin with the Holika Dahan ritual that is celebrated to honour the burning of Holika, the evil demoness and protection of Prahlad by Lord Vishnu from that fire.
  9. People collect wood and burn a bonfire and celebrate by singing songs around it.
  10. Holi is a festival which reminds us of the victory of good over evil.

10 Lines on Holi Festival For Students & Children in English


  1. Holi is the festival of colours celebrated every year in all parts of the country.
  2. Holi is celebrated every year in the hindi month of ‘Falgun’ or March all over India.
  3. The month of ‘falgun’ indicates the transition of winter to summer season.
  4. One day before the colourful Holi festival, Holika Dahan’ is conducted where huge bonfire is set and various rituals are conducted.
  5. Holi is celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm as it brings closeness among people.
  6. Religious texts say that day of playing Holi was started by Radha and Krishna.
  7. On Holi, we meet our relatives, neighbours, friends and colour them with ‘gulals’.
  8. People of north India sing various folk songs on Holi to celebrate the festivity of the season.
  9. On Holi, various mouth watering delicacies are prepared and the most common is ‘gujiya’ which is stuffed with lots of dry fruits.
  10. Holi is the festival of togetherness, harmony and peace and spreads love and unity among people.

10 Lines on Holi Festival for Class 1

  1. Holi is one of the most significant festivals of India mostly celebrated in the month of March every year.
  2. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil, truth over lie and happiness over sorrow.
  3. Holi is also a way to welcome the blooming of flowers and sense of warmth and happiness.
  4. Holi is the festival of colors with each colour exhibiting a special feeling and emotion.
  5. Children enjoy the festival using ‘pichakari’ or water gun and throw water colors on each others.
  6. This event attracts tourists from across the globe who come to witness this magnificent celebration and couldn’t resist themselves to become a part of it.
  7. In Vrindavan, the devotees play Holi with their God in Banke Bihari Temple where Krishna’s idol is dressed in white and brought close to their devotees.
  8. In Jaipur, Holi is celebrated with Jaipur Elephant Festival which features elephants decorated with paints, flowers and ornaments.
  9. In Uttrakhand, people celebrate ‘Khari Holi’, ‘Baithki Holi’ and ‘Mahila Holi’ which is mostly celebrated by folk songs and dances rather than colors.
  10. West Bengal celebrates Holi as ‘Dhol Purnima’ by worshipping the idols of Radha-Krishna and dancing around it.

10 Lines on Holi Festival for class 2

  1. Holi is celebrated across the country with different customs and rituals but with the aim of spreading harmony and love.
  2. In Mathura, Holi is celebrated as it was this day when Krishna killed Putana, the evil demoness of Kansa.
  3. It is also believed that Krishna used to throw colours on Radha to match her colour with his skin tone and from where this festival started.
  4. In Barsana district of Mathura, there is a unique celebration of Holi called as ‘latthmar’ holi.
  5. In ‘latthmar’ holi, ladies playfully beat the men using sticks or ‘latths’ and men try to save them using a wooden shield.
  6. People rub colors on each other face and spread love, harmony and unity.
  7. The real festivity of Holi can be witnessed in the evening when people get together and enjoy with folk songs and dances.
  8. Holi brings people closer and it is also said that Holi turns enemies into friends by forgetting all issues and problems between them.
  9. Holi also has a scientific significance, as Holika burnt a day before Holi helps to kill harmful bacteria which increases due to season change.
  10. Holi is the festival of joy, togetherness, delicacies and health which is celebrated by all the age groups with full enthusiasm.

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