10 Lines on Teacher

Ten lines on Teacher – This article will help the students who are looking for information about Teacher in English. This 10 Lines is very simple and easy to remember.

  1. A good teacher never does any kind of partiality among his students.
  2. Teachers always award their students for good things and punish them for evil things.
  3. Without teachers it is almost impossible to imagine growth in our life whether educationally, mentally or intellectually.
  4. In the words of saint Kabir, “the value of teacher is more in comparison to god and we must be thankful to our teachers”.
  5. Teacher is the person you can always seek advice from whenever you think you need one.
  6. Life of a teacher is committed to the well being and progress of his/her students.
  7. A teacher should have mandatory skills and necessary knowledge to teach the students.
  8. A teacher by choice has enthusiasm and can create a positive learning atmosphere.
  9. Being a teacher is one of the most challenging jobs, and all teachers should deserve a day as a mark of respect.
  10. The success of a teacher also depends on how well s/he is able to interact with the students.

Some Lines on Teacher


  1. The teacher makes us strong enough to fight and succeed in our life.
  2.  A teacher makes learning easier by applying different methods to teach effectively.
  3. On the fifth day of September month is recorded as Teachers Day every year.
  4. Our teachers are very kind and helpful to us always.
  5. My teacher is very sweet and just like a mother to me.
  6. Teaching is one of the honorable jobs to ever exist.
  7. Teacher provides a good citizen to the nation who contributes in development.
  8. Teacher should always work for continuous development of his students without any discrimination.
  9. A teacher is not less than our parents so he must be equally respected everywhere.
  10. Most schools have celebration performances on Teachers Day, and some remain close to giving the teachers a day off.

Few Lines on Teacher

  1.  A teacher helps students in gaining knowledge and opening his mind to differentiate between right and wrong.
  2. After the parents, a teacher plays a key role in shaping the life of a student.
  3. The teacher should be friendly in teaching but strict for maintaining the discipline.
  4. he teacher makes us strong enough to fight and succeed in our life.
  5. The contribution of a teacher in shaping the future of youth and nation is immense.
  6. A teacher uses his training and skills to impart knowledge and wisdom to his/her students.
  7. A teacher plays many roles of educator, caretaker, nurturer, and guardian.
  8. Teacher doesn’t only teach us the subject, but also the necessary life skills.
  9. A teacher is a great source of knowledge, prosperity and enlightenment by which anybody can be benefited.
  10. Teachers are the gifts of god who make our career and guide us towards success.

10 Lines on Teacher for Class 1

  1. The Sanskrit or Hindi word for teacher is Guru, which means the one that guides you.
  2. Teachers are often compared to the captain of a ship or the rower of a boat who helps us reach the right destination in life.
  3. Teachers will always help you if you seek their help genuinely.
  4. On Teachers Day, the students organize a program for the sole purpose of the entertainment of our teachers.
  5. Our principal delivers a short speech on Teachers Day by expressing how grateful we are for the services of our teachers.
  6. We present our teachers with some flowers, cards and small tokens of appreciation on this day.
  7. We make sure no student misbehaves on the occasion of Teachers Day.
  8. Students and teachers join together and celebrate the day with great enthusiasm.
  9. Many programs are arranged for honoring the teachers for their respectable dedication.
  10. Behind every successful person, a teacher’s contribution is significant and notable.

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