10 Lines on My Father

10 Lines on My Father – This article will help the students who are looking for information about My Father. This 10 Lines is very simple and easy to remember.

10 Lines on My Father
  1. My father name is Ankit kumar and he is a teacher.
  2. My father is the most important person in my life.
  3. He is a really hardworking person, who is working hard to maintain our family.
  4. Everyone loves him because of his good deeds.
  5. He has a good heart and he always works for the people.
  6. He is a good teacher in the school and achieved a few medals/prizes as the best teacher in the district.
  7. He is my hero and I want to be like him.
  8. He behaves like a friend with us.
  9. I love my father very much and he also loves us.
  10. My father is the best father in the world.

20 Lines on My Father in English

  1. My father’s name is Arun Singh.
  2. He values his duties and is quite disciplined.
  3. He is well-respected for his trustworthiness.
  4. My father is the most beloved member of our family.
  5. Whenever I am sad, my father lifts my mood.
  6. My father is my hero, and I love him.
  7. He works as a manager in an IT firm.
  8. My father is my best friend.
  9. He always boosts my confidence and motivates me to work harder.
  10. He is an optimistic person who believes in persistence.
  11. He loves everyone in our family unconditionally.
  12. In his free time, he likes to paint.
  13. He is the one who taught me the basic ethics of life.
  14. A father’s role is not only important but also filled with responsibilities.
  15. It comes with a lot of struggles and sacrifices.
  16. He is a person who believes in the art of simple living.
  17. He is our protector, mentor, and biggest supporter in life.
  18. He is a gentle person who is ever ready to help others.
  19. Despite his busy schedule, he takes us on a picnic at the weekend.
  20. He is undoubtedly a real-life hero who makes all the difference in our lives.

Ten Lines on My Father

  1. My father is the most beloved person in my family, and he loves me the most.
  2. He is the one who fulfils our needs and wishes without any complaint.
  3. My father always believes me and shows a sense of confidence in me.
  4. My father is a very gentle person, and he is always ready to help others whenever they face any problem.
  5. My father is an animal lover, and whenever he gets time, he feeds the stray dogs and cows of our society.
  6. He also works for a social work organization which helps poor families in becoming financially self-dependent.
  7. My father dedicates most of his time in serving people by taking care of patients in a rural area.
  8. My father respects my grandmother, who is quite old now and takes care of her most of the time.
  9. My father was born in a poor farmer family and achieved a lot in his life through his hard work and determination.
  10. A nice father can bring a lot of difference in the life of a child as children learn most of the habits good or bad from their parents.

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