10 lines on my hobby – Reading, Drawing, Singing

10 Lines on my hobby – This article will help the students who are looking for information about my hobby. This 10 Lines is very simple and easy to remember.

10 lines on my hobby - Reading, Drawing, Singing

10 Lines on My Hobby Reading


  1. My hobby is reading.
  2. Reading has been my hobby since my childhood.
  3. There is a small library in my studyroom.
  4. In my library there are about 500 Story Books.
  5. It is a peaceful hobby.
  6. I spend my leisure time reading all types of books.
  7. One can read a book almost every where and ant time.
  8. Books makes me wise and keep me away from bad habbits.
  9. Reading improves my vocabulary and knowledege.
  10. I like my hobby very much.

10 Lines on My Hobby is playing cricket

  • My hobby is playing cricket.
  • I play it dailoy after school.
  • I have made so many friends while playing cricket.
  • Cricket is a very interesting sport.
  • It is the most popular sport in India.
  • In cricket I love both bowling and batting.
  • MY favourite cricktor is Virat Kohli.
  • The game is played between two teams and both teams have 11 players.
  • I fulfill my hobbies in my free time.
  • It’s make me feel healthy and energetic.

10 lines on my hobby on gardening

  • 1. Gardning is my favourite hobby.
  • 2. This hobby is a source of job for me.
  • 3. I spend most of my free time in garding.
  • 4. I have my own garden tp pursue my hobby.
  • 5. In garden, I work on flowers vegetable and fruits. 
  • 6. I have different variation of trees in my garden. 
  • 7. Gardning helps to to keeping healthy and fit. 
  • 8. I take care of my garden as a mother. 
  • 9. Garding keeps me fresh and active. 
  • 10. I love my hobby very much. 

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10 lines on my hobby Singing

  • 1.  I have many other hobbies like dancing, reading books, Playing badminton, playing football etc. 
  • 2. My favourite hobby is singing. Singing is the best one. I like so much. 
  • 3. Singing maes me feel fresh. It is a very good habit. Singing gives me a great pleasure. 
  • 4. Singing is an excellent way of entertainment. 
  • 5. It helps me to forget my daily problems. Every person has his own favourite group or singers. 
  • 6. My favourite singer is Arjit Singh. I like to sing very much. 
  • 7.  When ever I get free time I would love to sing. 
  • 8. I like to sing different kinds of  singing like classical music, pop music, country music, Rock Music etc. 
  • 9. I have so many types of musical instruments like Piano, Flute, Guitar etc. 
  • 10. My parents cheers me while singing I feel so happy when I sing. I want to become a good singer. I am working very had to achieve my goal. I hope one day I will become a great singer. 

10 lines on my hobby dancing

  • 1. My favourite hobby is dancing.
  • 2. I love dancing so much it gives me pleasure and peace.
  • 3. Dance is a exercise to my body.
  • 4. Dance relax my mind. 
  • 5. I would like to dance a lot during my free time.
  • 6. Dancing allows me to express my emotins.
  • 7. It is the best wat to be healthy and keep myself fit. 
  • 8. Dance is done in solo, duet or group.
  • 9. I have more flexibility and aglity since I started dancing.
  • 10. My aim to become a dance choreographer foe the film industry. 

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